First introductory lesson is granted at the block rate for new customers only.  Flight times quoted are for a 30 minute Cessna 172 rental with an instruction.  If you choose to continue the flight lesson beyond the 30 minutes allotted, simply pay at the rates of the aircraft and instructors (based per hour.)

Imagine this:  you’ve always dreamed of taking a flight lesson.  Finally decided to jump off the wagon and do something you’ve never thought you’d do.  Now that you’ve decided to go, the next question is WHERE?  Let me help you decide... :)


The flight to Catalina Island is just a short 20 minute flight in our Cessna 172’s from takeoff to landing.  View a touch of history by visiting the island and seeing how it has been left un-touched by the big city.  Take a short hike to view natural LIVE buffalo grazing in the clearing, or hike around the airport to see the south-west side of the island’s ocean view for as far as the eye can see.  Times for a flight lesson to Catalina Island will be 1 hour of plane rental, 1 hour of instruction, a $25 Catalina Island Conservancy landing fee and LOADS of fun! Ask for further details.

Whale Watching Photo Flight

Right in our back yards, DOZENS and dozens of whales and dolphins surface right off the coast of Palos Verdes Estates.  A flight to this area will only take 5 minutes from takeoff and if you’re lucky enough to catch them surfacing for air (every 30-45 minutes) & the sights of these magnificent creatures are UNBELIEVABLE!  Ask for further details.