We offer a wide variety of services from TSA fingerprinting, written test exams, pilot supplies, aircraft maintenance and parts, and Robinson Helicopter parts services right here at our hangar.  Our location at the Torrance Airport is beneficial to you in that it is located just down the street from the Robinson factory and just minutes from the designated “practice area” for pilot training.  Whatever you need, we can help!


Rolling Hills Aviation, simply put, is a pilot social hub @ the Torrance Airport.  We’ve operated as a full service flight school offering aircraft rental, instruction, and aircraft maintenance.  Established in December of 1965, we have always strived to bring you the best flight experience you could get.  Today, RHA is one of the oldest acting business on the airport offering pilot supplies, FAA written tests, and TSA fingerprinting.  Our focus is that everybody that comes through our doors 
receives the best customer service and has enjoyed the time they spent while at our facility.  Every day our coffee pot is filled 
with hot, fresh coffee, our soda machine is stocked cold and our couches are full with pilots and aviation enthusiasts who 
come to hang out.  Come on by to see what you’re missing, and join our welcoming family!